Natalie Warzywoda

Youthful, Authentic, Articulate, Engaging, Australian accent

I am a Brisbane base actress with a passion for storytelling. I bring a wealth of acting experience to the world of narration and have completed several corporate narration projects. I have lent my voice to a myriad of projects, delivering professionalism and clarity with every word.

My sound is youthful and contemporary, and I strive to captivate audiences, bringing scripts to life and infusing each word with authenticity and emotion. What I love most about narration is the opportunity to transport listeners into new worlds, sparking imaginations and forging connections through the power of storytelling.

Fiction, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Fantasy

Accents and Dialects

Generic Accents

Generic Accents are stereotypical or slightly over-the-top accents where regional accuracy is less important than interesting characterisation. Often used in settings not based in reality, eg, Dystopian, Futuristic, Virtual Reality, Alien, Fantasy, Children’s Literature.


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