Heidi Wessman Kneale

Bright, mezzo-soprano voice, friendly, with a soft American Neutral accent

I'm an American-born narrator and audiobook producer living in Western Australia. I have a BA in Film and Music from the University of Utah. I'm a trained mezzo-soprano who suits Romance, Contemporary, YA projects and more. My best accents are American Neutral and American Southern (Mississippi). I'm open to non-fiction narration of all flavours. I'm partial to science texts (as I have an Msc in Astronomy). I specialise in "Narrated by the Author" projects and happy to consult on their potential.

Historical Romance wedding scene, with voiced characters. American neutral accent
Science Textbook, American neutral accent
Historical Romance, American neutral accent

Accents and Dialects

Generic Accents

Generic Accents are stereotypical or slightly over-the-top accents where regional accuracy is less important than interesting characterisation. Often used in settings not based in reality, eg, Dystopian, Futuristic, Virtual Reality, Alien, Fantasy, Children’s Literature.


Accent/Language Help for Other Narrators

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