Guy Cunningham

Flexible, smooth and resonant voice that is tailored to suit the needs of the character and situation.

Guy has been working in the voice over industry for over 13 years. Starting out as a Roller Derby commentator and public MC he has transitioned through to voicing some of the largest video games in the industry, hosting TV shows in Melbourne and providing voices for films such as Nova Star by Strongman Pictures. Through his voice over career he has also done work commercially for the Dept. Of Climate change, Visa and Public Transport Victoria and also many e-learning modules through RTO Training group. Guy also works with sound in films and has his own studio, recording equipment and can do vocal sound engineering to ensure that the final product is clean and comes across smooth. Having working in corporate for almost 10 years as well, Guy has a strong sense of accountability and delivering as promised.
Guy's unique voices and styling have been crafted throughout his life and can create a range of vocal styles that most people would spend years trying to master...

This is an audiobook demo I put together myself with two types of audiobook readings.
A sci-fi demo with a range of voices suited for the genre
This is an animation demo for a range of different styles
A range of Aussie voices in a post apocalyptic Ausralia
A medieval demo with a range of voices suited for the genre
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