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Classic warm, easy listening style.

Hello. I have been involved in recording for more than 25 years. I am well seasoned in what it takes to create audio that people enjoy listening to and will happily recommend to their friends. I was lucky, or blessed, that I have 'one of those voices' that people seem to warm to. This, along with hours of voice training over the years, has put me in good stead as an audiobook reader.

Production: Recording and Mastering
Your book is in good hands, as I offer both the ability to not only record your material but also the editing and complete mastering of the audiobook.

Finding the right voice is important, but something most people forget about is the editing side of the production. The importance of a professionally mastered recording cannot be overemphasized. It is imperative for a high-quality finish that the mastering be completed by a competent and proven professional. It is a shame that many books, though great reads, fall short in the audio production process and fail to become popular audiobooks because of poor production.

I offer you the combination of a seasoned reader and an expert in audio production. I am certified to the ACX standard. This means that my finished products are instantly uploadable to Amazon or any other online bookstore.

Okay, you have the right voice; you've found someone who is able to handle the production side of things. But now let's talk about the equipment used during the recording and editing. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, or, as it is often said in the recording industry, the end result is only as good as the equipment used in the process.

Unfortunately, the audiobook industry has its fair share of those who are using cheap, inferior equipment. Instead of purchasing industry-standard mics and preamps, they prefer something a little less expensive. The same can be said of the DAW (Digital Audio Work Station). The DAW, along with the correct plug-ins, is where the magic happens. Think of the DAW as the place where the raw material arrives, in this case the recording. The recording goes through the process of perfection (mic-interface-digital workstation), with the end result being either a Rolls Royce or something far less, depending on the equipment used.

I use only leading-brand equipment - A Google search will show that the equipment I use is among the leaders in audiobook production.

Microphones: the Rode NT2 A, legendary microphones and, arguably, the best in this industry for spoken word recording. There is nothing cheap about these mics; the sound they produce is pure quality!
Interface: Audient id14. An important piece of equipment. The voice goes through the mic into the front of the interface, and it comes out of the back end digitized in wave form, ready for the digital workstation.
DAW: Reaper. Reaper, like all the equipment I use, is a world leader and industry standard in the audiobook world.
Plug-ins: Techvation and izotope
Recording Booth: Specifically designed for audiobook recordings.

I've shared quite a bit with you about what I offer, all in the hope that you'll feel a sense of confidence talking with me about collaborating with you in the production of your audiobook. Should you decide to work with me, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. I offer you years of experience in audio recordings, along with my qualifications in the editing and mastering process.

Below, I have included a couple of links where you can hear my voice and experience the quality of my production equipment.

If you would like to talk with me about your recording, please just send me a note to my email, and I will gladly reply immediately.
Thank you for your time.
Floyd Jefferson

Email: floydsvoice@gmail.com

The Incursion. Enemy infiltration
Love: Love is ....
Charles Dickens. Hunted Down
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