Avery Dazzler

Mature and Sensual

Entertainer for nearly 20 years moving in narration/Audiobooks. They/Them pronouns and Burlesque performer/historian with 10 years experience under "Dollar Dazzler Productions". Love Queer and SWer friendly productions.
I've also worked in call centres for over 15 years so I know how to talk a lot!

Main vocal sample with audiobook sample at end
Monologue of queer readinfg
NSFW vocal audition

Accents and Dialects

Generic Accents

Generic Accents are stereotypical or slightly over-the-top accents where regional accuracy is less important than interesting characterisation. Often used in settings not based in reality, eg, Dystopian, Futuristic, Virtual Reality, Alien, Fantasy, Children’s Literature.


Accent/Language Help for Other Narrators

Record lines in native accent / dialect for other narrators to copy:

Record lines in native language for other narrators to copy:

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