Aimee Smith

Video game actor and former teacher. Your character specialist across Australian / American / British accents!

Aimee Smith is a full-time Australian voice talent specialising in recording for audiobooks across Australian/American/British accents, with 20+ narration credits to her name. She has worked with publishers such as Penguin Random House, Tantor Media and many more. Aimee is a former Primary School Teacher, so loves narrating for Children's texts and interesting Non-Fiction texts, and as an experienced Video Game Voice Actor of over 100 games (SMITE, Mobile Legends, Freedom Planet) she loves to play make-believe across all fiction texts!

FLY: Mature Youth Non-Fiction - Australian
Wombat Said Come In: Picture Book, Characters - Australian
Reckless: Young Adult Fiction, Characters - American
Lucy Newton, Little Witch: Children's Text, Characters - Australian
The Tortoise and the Hare: Children's Text, Characters - British RP
Spellbound: Young Adult Fiction, Characters - American

Accents and Dialects

Generic Accents

Generic Accents are stereotypical or slightly over-the-top accents where regional accuracy is less important than interesting characterisation. Often used in settings not based in reality, eg, Dystopian, Futuristic, Virtual Reality, Alien, Fantasy, Children’s Literature.


Accent/Language Help for Other Narrators

Record lines in native accent / dialect for other narrators to copy:

Record lines in native language for other narrators to copy:

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Audiobooks narrated by Aimee Smith

Finding Paige
The New Mythic
Catch Me If I Fall
The Rostical Quest
A Surge of Possibilities: A Guide to a Fuller Life
How To Train Your Dog
FLY: Financially Literate Youth
Reckless: Limitless
Reckless: The Terran Sea Chronicles

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