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Video game actor and former teacher. Your character specialist across Australian / American / British accents!


Youthful and enthusiastic. Can do a range of accents including Aussie, British, American & Scottish.


Energetic, clear, strong and anything you want it to be!


A versatile narrator, able to cover many styles. Originally English, now also Australian, I can comfortably narrate in both accents.


Warm, soft vocals for thrillers & romance. Historical Romance (JAFF) with Heightened RP and a fab line in accents


Educated Australian accent, multiple characters and emotional depth


Deep and clear voice that commands attention and a cultured Australian accent.


Warm, playful and vibrant Australian accent


Youthful, Engaging and Vibrant Australian voice


All-rounder, formal, radio/news sound, light hearted and ozzy as if need be.


Quintessential Australian teenager/youthful young adult. Sophisticated ranging to bubbly


Youthful voiced native New Zealand speaker with great ability for character


The voice of your favourite character, Mother, lover, teacher, best friend…


Bringing Characters to Life and Setting the Imagination Free


Australian Female. Have a listen.


Luxurious, empathetic, natural and energetic


Mature voiced, confident, warm, conversational, expressive, funny, engaging, versatile and clear, Australian accent.


Audio with an Irish flavour! Vocal versatility from energetic youth to the warm authority of maturity.


Textured, nuanced, subtle.


Authoritative but approachable, film/TV/history lover, Australian accent


Experienced all-rounder, New Zealand accent.


Engaging, warm, storyteller, authentic. Authoritative non fiction narrator. Multiple character, multiple accents.


Young, Vivacious, Bubbly, and Smooth Narration


Authentic, Lively, Friendly, Animated Characters, native British plus Non mainstream Accents


Engaging, youthful, narrator and video game voice. NZ AUS UK & US accents.


Rich, resonant, low-pitched voice with commanding presence and depth.


Natural and energetic Australian accent


Feminine youthful voice 15-35, Deep, Husky, Bubbly, Australian or British accent. Interested in YA, Fantasy, Thriller, LGBTQIA+ etc


Mature voiced character actor, wide range, Australian accent


Relaxed, playful


Soft, feminine voice in neutral British accent


Young female voice, Australian accent, alto pitched.


Australian female voice, very easy to follow and extremely versatile


Lively, expressive Australian accent.


Energetic, expressive All- rounder with Australian accent. Other accents available.


Energetic, warm or hard sell styles. Clear diction, NZ with British background.


Warm, clear and comfortable Australian voice; in love with fantasy and non-fiction.


Bright, dynamic voice full of wit and heart. AU UK & US Accents


Middle Age & Senior English (Australian/Neutral) storyteller. His voice was described by comedians "Tripod" as Hot Chocolate.


Rich baritone perfect for urban fiction, thriller and horror