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Video game actor and former teacher. Your character specialist across Australian / American / British accents!


Energetic, clear, strong and anything you want it to be!


Warm, soft vocals for thrillers & romance. Historical Romance (JAFF) with Heightened RP and a fab line in accents


Youthful voiced native New Zealand speaker with great ability for character


Youthful, vibrant, humorous, nuanced. Soft New Zealand accent.


Audio with an Irish flavour! Vocal versatility from energetic youth to the warm authority of maturity.


Authoritative but approachable, film/TV/history lover, Australian accent


Experienced all-rounder, New Zealand accent.


Engaging, warm, storyteller, authentic. Authoritative non fiction narrator. Multiple character, multiple accents.


Engaging, youthful, narrator and video game voice. NZ AUS UK & US accents.


Mature voiced character actor, wide range, Australian accent


Warm, clear and comfortable Australian voice; in love with fantasy and non-fiction.


Mature English (Australian/Neutral) speaker with a big & rich voice for all genres.


Rich baritone perfect for urban fiction, thriller and horror