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Australian Audiobook Production
is almost here! is a list of Australian-resident and/or Australian accent audiobook narrators, audiobook auditions and audiobook producers, as well as helpful info for those new to the process. Any narrator, author, producer or production personnel will be welcome to join


I’ve started designing this site on Wed 16 June 2021, and I hope to have it up and running by the end of the day!

Narrators – The site will provide a Profile page where you can showcase your skills, including samples of your audio, covers of your audiobooks, and all the info about what you do (genres, accents, languages, costs, number of audiobooks narrated, etc). You will be able to update your profile page as often as needed.

New Narrators – There’ll be a section providing detailed advice on what it takes to become an audiobook narrator.

Authors and Rights Holders – Search our list of narrators to find exactly what you need, filtering by gender, genre, accent, experience, cost, etc. There’ll also be dedicated pages where you can lists books for audition so narrators can contact you with inquiries on narrating your book/s. And if you’ve never produced an audiobook before, we’ll have plenty of information on how to go about getting your work into audio.

Audiobook publishers, aggregators, proofers, audiobook editors, audio engineers – you’ll also be able to make a profile page to advertise your services, and we’ll explain to authors/rights holders new to audiobook production that working through you is an ideal first step into production!

So check back soon to see whether the site is live!

Any questions, email me at info (at) aussienarrator (dot) com.

Now it’s back to work making this website! Cheers, Amy Soakes (audiobook narrator)