When All Else Fails – Healing me, Healing you

NOTE: The expiry date for this audition has passed, so you can no longer download this audition script.

by Carmel Bell

Auditions due by 14 June 2022
(Audition posted 16 May)

Word count: 85,000
Genre: Nonfiction – Biography, Nonfiction – Instructional
Number of Narrators Required: Single narrator
Gender of Narrator Required: Female
Accents Required: Australian or soft American
Payment options: Royalty Share, Royalty Share Plus at $50 to $100 USD PFH.

About the author: I am a Medical intuitive, which is not as odd as it may sound. I work with clients who come to me through referral from a friend, or from their doctor. I started out in this profession when I was very young, not by choice, but through dying and discovering I had the ability to see energy. After a very long and tortuous life trip, I finally conceded and became what I am. I have died four times, clinically dead, and have survived. This book is the story of my journey to become an M.I with all the accompanying difficulties you could imagine.

About this project: I'm looking fora female, who has a compassionate, soothing voice. I don't mind which. Obviously I am female. If a female can comfortably do the small male section, I am very happy, otherwise, I would need a male narrator for the male parts. The book is set in Australia, the audience is usually adults from 40 - 90. I have a good following on FB and LinkedIn. I am unsure about marketing as I am new to audible books, but I intend to engage a marketing company. This is a stand alone book, but more books will be written soon. It has no controversial elements. And I will be completely honest; since my last death, life has been hard as the downtime was so extensive - nearly an hour - so my work has been limited whilst healing and reconfiguring. I am not able to pay as much as I would like to, but I am happy to work out a deal of some sort with a narrator who is willing to work with me.

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The expiry date for this audition has passed, so you can no longer download this audition script.