The Lawson Chronicles – 3 Books – The Final Alibi, The Devil’s Confession, The Devil’s Lair

NOTE: The expiry date for this audition has passed, so you can no longer download this audition script.

by Simon King

Auditions due by 9 December 2023
(Audition posted 4 November)

Link to ebook at Amazon:

Word count: Book 1 – 78,450 Book 2 – 38,600 Book 3 – 55,350
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Number of Narrators Required: Single narrator
Gender of Narrator Required: Male
Accents Required: Australian
Payment options: Royalty Share

About the author: Simon King is the author of more than 60 books, several series and writes with a voracious appetite which includes both hard-hitting thrillers and confronting true crime. His personal experiences as a correctional officer in an Australian maximum-security prison have given rise to his popular Prison Days books, which ultimately led to the raw and nail-biting world of MAX, his ongoing prison-based crime thriller series. With his latest saga, the Sam Rader Thrillers, Simon once again weaves intricate worlds which ultimately shock and consume readers within their pages, leading them through to nail-biting climaxes, leaving most craving more.

About this project: The author is looking for a gritty sounding narrator, 40s to 50s sounding. A jailed killer. A new string of murders. Copycat or something worse? Jim Lawson spent decades trying to forget the monster he put behind bars. Labelled the man who captured the Devil, a desperate police chief calls on him a second time, to lend his expertise on tracking a new killer. When a fresh string of murders hits a small community, each resembling an evil long thought locked up, terror grips a town still bearing the scars from the original slaughter. As the body count rises, many believe Jim the only one capable of ending the murderous spree. Together with a young constable, Jim races to uncover the truth behind a tormented copycat, ruthlessly slaughtering innocent victims with the same ferocity as the original Devil. But this is no ordinary killer and Jim will have to face some old demons if he’s to have any chance of ending the murders. Will he uncover the truth in time to save another victim, or has the Devil fooled them all, hellbent on the town’s ultimate destruction? The Final Alibi is the first book in the Lawson Chronicles. If you enjoy psychological thrillers like The Silence of the Lambs and Mr. Mercedes, then you’ll love the thrills and chills of this series.

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The expiry date for this audition has passed, so you can no longer download this audition script.