Charlie’s Will

NOTE: The expiry date for this audition has passed, so you can no longer download this audition script.

by Susan Mackie

Auditions due by 22 December 2023
(Audition posted 2 December)

Word count: 67000
Genre: Clean Romance, Steamy Romance
Number of Narrators Required: Single narrator
Gender of Narrator Required: Female
Accents Required: Australian – country but educated (not Ocker)
Payment options: Royalty Share Plus at $100 to $200 USD PFH., Between $150 and $250 USD Per Finished Audio Hour.

About the author: Charlie's Will is the first of seven books in the series - 3 x books 67k - 83k words, 3 x novellas 30k - 36k words and one small prequel - 12k words. I'm keen to get Charlie's Will and the small prequel narrated first, but progressively have the others done too. Another two books will be released in 2024.

About this project: Genre - small town romance/women's fiction with a smattering of mystery/suspense - set in the Barrington Tops area of NSW about 3 hrs from Sydney. The story isn't 'clean romance' but it's not overly steamy either. Mild heat level. Written in two POVs - although predominantly female. Subsequent books are set in the same small town, but with new main characters each time, although characters from previous books appear. My readers are predominantly women over 35. This book was launched in Jan 2020 and is an Amazon best seller in its genre in AU, USA and UK. I was exclusive to Amazon until July 2023, when I went wide and launched a new author website. I plan to be wide with the audiobook/s and will sell them via my website as well as via aggregators. All 7 books in the series have been number 1 in their genre in Australia and the US.

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The expiry date for this audition has passed, so you can no longer download this audition script.