Bounty Hunter Down Under

by S.C. Stokes

Auditions due by 30 June 2024
(Audition posted 15 May)

Word count: 67000
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Number of Narrators Required: Single narrator
Gender of Narrator Required: Female
Accents Required: Australian – Hint of irish accent won’t hurt as the character is of Irish descent.
Payment options: Between $150 and $250 USD Per Finished Audio Hour.

About the author: 

About this project: The series is about Nora a forty-two year old single mother having a magical midlife crisis. She is Australian (or Irish descent) and begins the series as a librarian but becomes a bounty hunter out of necessity. There are 3 books in the series so far with more to come. I would prefer a narrator who is able to work on a complete series (5 books) over time. The series is urban fantasy with no sex and relatively clean language. There is magic and some violence but not excessive or glorfying the gore. The Amazon page has a lot of information about the book also.

How to Audition: Provided the date of audition expiry has not passed, then logged-in Narrators will see a green area containing a ‘Download Audition Script’ button on the top right and bottom right of this page. If you cannot see this button, login to AussieNarrator via the Login page.