Record Accent/Language for Others

Do you wish to receive inquiries from other narrators to record lines for them to copy?

When a narrator has to voice dialogue in a language, accent or dialect they are unfamiliar with, a time-saving way to get accurate pronunciation is to ask a native speaker (of that language, accent or dialect) to record the lines for the first narrator to then copy.

Are you interested in receiving inquiries from other narrators asking if you’d record lines in your native accent/dialect (or native language if you speak a language other than English)? If so, narrators would contact you directly, and it would be up to you and the other narrator to negotiate a price and how to receive payment. (Our suggestions is around $1 to $2 per line of text or $5 to $10 per longer paragraph, but it would be up to yourself and the other narrator to arrange all the details, payment amounts and methods of payment. Our job is just to put you in contact with each other.)