Add Audiobook Covers

We can display the covers of up to 12 audiobooks you’ve narrated, linking to each of these at Audible or Amazon. (Note that you can add these later if you wish. You don’t have to add them now. You can edit your profile at any time once it is ‘live’ on the site.)

Fill in the form on the left, with your narrator name, the name of the audiobook and a link to the audiobook at Audible or Amazon. If you want reviews from Amazon/Audible USA to show, then use the audiobook’s link from Amazon USA or Audible USA. To upload the cover, first download the cover image by right-clicking on the cover at Audible or Amazon, and choosing ‘Save As’ to save the cover on your computer. Then upload the cover using the form on the left.

(Note that the audiobook’s link only includes up to the end of the 10-digit string of letters and numbers beginning with ‘B’, for example, B08WCJG95S. Anything after these characters is not needed. Your links should have a format similar to:

When you click ‘Submit‘, the form will reset so you can add another cover.

Once you have finished adding audiobook covers, click ‘Continue’.