Add an Audition Notice

If you’re new to audiobook production, we suggest you visit our FAQs for Authors page before listing your audition. Before commencing, you should also read the form below, as you will need to have your information ready (eg, your audition script).

LINK TO BOOK AT AMAZON - When pasting your link, look for a string of 10 characters beginning with 'B', and remove everything after this string of characters. (Anything after this is not part of the link.) Links should end with a series of letters and numbers, such as or

NUMBER OF NARRATORS REQUIRED - A single narrator is the most common and generally the most cost-effective option. Some romances use two narrators (in either a dual or duet narration style). Very rarely, ambitious (and usually much more costly) projects use a cast of multiple narrators, and sometimes include sound effects also. A multi-cast project would usually be produced by an experienced production house (rather than a single author or narrator).

PAYMENT - In order to gain a good number of auditions, select ALL the options you are open to, without misrepresenting what you are willing to pay the right narrator. Ultimately, the price and details will be something you and the narrator will negotiate, and you may be willing to pay one price for one narrator, but a higher price for another narrator, so include all options you may be open to. Narrators will want to know what sort of remuneration you are open to before auditioning. See our FAQs for the meaning of these terms and how they will affect your costs and the number of inquiries you receive.

DETAILS - Let narrators know a bit about your book and what sort of narrator you are looking for. You might include a brief description of the book, what accents are required, where the book is set, the book's audience age, what sort of narrator you are seeking, what sort of following you have, any marketing plans for the audiobook, whether this book is part of a series, heat levels (or if this is a 'clean read'), controversial elements, etc.

DATE THIS NOTICE WILL EXPIRE - How long would you like us to keep this audition listing up at (You can amend this date later if you wish, but providing a date gives narrators an idea of how long they have to lodge an audition.)

AUDITION SCRIPT - Upload your audition script using the button below. Your audition script should be in a format anyone can read (eg, PDF, RTF, DOC) and no longer than about 1000 words in total (not including instructions provided in the document). 1000 words is usually 5 or 6 minutes of audio.
NOTE - If you are trying to upload a .docx file, please convert it to .doc first (as website uploads often reject docx files). Alternatively, email your docx file to us at info at aussienarrator dot com.
If you need to hear how narrators will handle different character voices or situations, you should provide different sections in your audition script. Clearly mark each change of section, and you may wish to provide instructions, for example: info on the personalities / accent / attitudes / vocal characteristics / age / backgrounds of the characters, or what's happening in the scene, so narrators can hit the right level of intensity, etc. Or you may wish to leave things open-ended and see what narrators bring to their interpretation.

WHERE TO SEND AUDITIONS - Where can narrators make contact with you to send the mp3 of their audition?

An easy way for people to send you audio files is for you to provide an email address, and they either upload the audio file to their google drive and send you a link to download the file/s; or send you the file/s via a file transfer service (WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc). Provide an email address where they can contact you. Note that this email address will be viewable by anyone logged in to